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That's the question Dan  Gardner, VP of Supply Chain for Lakeshore Learning Materials and co-founder of Trade Facilitators, Inc., and Amber Road’s Ty Bordner both answered during Amber Road's recent webinar,  Blockchain for Global Supply Chain: Ghost in the Machine or Breakthrough Technology? Of course, blockchain is such a top topic these days that Dan and Ty's introduction sparked a ton of debate, and they were only able to address a fraction of viewers' questions during the hour-long webcast. Luckily, we've compiled their answers to these queries below. See if they've answered some of your biggest questions about how blockchain can be applied to the global supply chain, then watch the webinar on-demand here . 

At the heart of this rebrand is our core focus on teams and our beliefs around teamwork. We believe when work is open, the full potential of teams is unleashed. Infused into our values, product experience, and business model, this philosophy encourages teams to think, work, and behave openly. Working open helps tear down the barriers and silos that keep people from each other and from the information that’s critical to their roles. Working open helps teammates interact authentically and honestly with each other, enabling more diverse viewpoints that lead to stronger outcomes. Later this week, you’ll hear us talk more about what it means to work open, and how we hope to help other teams to do the same.

Bol t blog

bol t blog


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