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This is great. I have some good sunset pictures from my barangay ,Tamban Governor Generoso and I would love to share it(I just do not know how;))..I toured my New Zealander husband all over these places except going to Tibanban islet (for some reason) and going inside Mr. Aloy’s farm. He really fell in love with our beaches in the south especially Lavigan beach. However, we really find it difficult going to Parola because of the road. I hope our municipal tourism officers will develop the road going there because it is a paradise down there. By the way,diidn’t you try to go to Osmena river? The first time I went there, I really liked it but I felt sorry when I tried to show it to my husband we got flat tire on our way:(. I know there are more GovGen can offer yet the time did not permit to show it all :-). Anyways more knowledge and good health to the blogger so You can help promoting hidden paradise not only in GovGen but some more in Philippines.

Hey, great list!
I don’t use them personally, but I train with a few women who do. I’ve noticed some of the side effects and they’ve mentioned it too.
But I didn’t know what to look for and how many alternatives there were – so while I’ll probably still choose not to use any (my goals are just to stay active), I’ll pass this along to my friends who want different results than I do. Maybe it’ll help them make some good choices, or to switch to something with fewer (or no) side effects.

Buy steroids in sa

buy steroids in sa


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