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Although you can use convertible car seats for infants, infant-only car seats are the best fit for small infants. Convertible car seats can be used in the rear-facing position, and then, when your child is big enough, they can be turned around to face forward. Combination seats allow you to use the car seat with the harness. After that you can use it with the your car’s seat belts as a belt-positioning booster. High-back boosters, which provide better protection, are for cars with low back seats and no headrests. Backless boosters are for cars with backseat headrests.

We really like the dual stage cushioning system that creates a safe and snug environment for even the smallest of babies. The first stage cushion offers extra support on your baby’s neck and bottom and is for infants from 4 pounds and above. The second stage cushion correctly supports your growing baby and both cushions are made of soft, breathable fabric for comfort. With the ease of use in mind, it has a patented handle design that’s short and compact to make it easy to move it in and out of your vehicle. The seat and handle bar have color coded belt paths to help in belt routing when the base is not in use.

Though I didn’t use this myself, one twin mama reader e-mailed us to say this was one of her can’t-live-without products. There are simply times (many, many times!) when you just wish your babies could hold their own bottles, so you could be hand-free for a few moments (you know, to attend to the other baby, another child, your own needs for a change…ha!). These bottle slings work with most infant carseats and bottles (make sure to check they do, in fact, work with yours before purchasing). But please note, it’s not safe to use these in a moving vehicle.

Crash test primo viaggio

crash test primo viaggio


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