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GHB's unique attributes have some legitimate uses. In Europe, it is still used as an anesthetic, for alcohol and opiate addiction therapy, and for narcolepsy therapy. Only this last indication of narcolepsy is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration, which recently approved GHB (ie, sodium oxybate [Xyrem]) to treat a small subset of patients with narcolepsy who have episodes of weak or paralyzed muscles (ie, cataplexy). Because of sodium oxybate's history of abuse as a recreational drug, the FDA approved it as a Schedule III Controlled Substance. A limited distribution program that includes physician education, patient education, a patient and physician registry, and detailed patient surveillance has been established. Under the program, prescribers and patients will be able to obtain the product only through a single centralized pharmacy.

One of the things that gets me always is how the hands of mechanics, machinists, roughnecks, carpenters, blacksmiths, and farmers always seem to crush my own when we shake for the first time (I’m in a business that involves me dealing with these people semi-regularly). These are normal looking, middle aged men, and I’m a strapping young lad. These are smart men, successful men, and strong men… and they would crush me if we ever came to loggerheads. I sense this when we shake hands. It doesn’t offend me or anything, but rather inspires me to develop certain things that have been neglected.

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