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From 2014 to 2016, opposite Sam Heughan , Caitriona Balfe and Graham McTavish , Walters portrayed the featured role of Angus Mhor in the television adaptation of Diana Gabaldon 's best selling Scottish time travel novel Outlander . [65] [66] The expansion of Walters' Angus and Grant O'Rourke's Rupert MacKenzie is a favourite of Gabaldon's, who has described the television characters as "the 1800s' version of Laurel and Hardy". [67] Between seasons one and two of Outlander, Walters was featured in two stylistically different shows for the BBC. The first was an appearance in two episodes of Dickensian (2015), a drama based upon the concept that author Charles Dickens ' notable characters lived in the same Victorian neighbourhood. He was featured, opposite Stephen Rea 's Inspector Bucket, as accused murderer Manning. [68] Second, Walters guest starred as Borel in an episode of The Musketeers (2015), a retelling of Alexanre Dumas' classic French novel The Three Musketeers . [69] Set in seventeenth century Paris, the series was filmed in Prague . [70]

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Diana boyle facebook

diana boyle facebook


diana boyle facebookdiana boyle facebookdiana boyle facebookdiana boyle facebookdiana boyle facebook