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Did anyone get e-mail of a series of photos called "Did Prince Philip just fart?"%0D %0D First photo shows the Royal Family standing on the Palace balcony with Philip having a strange look on his face while witnessing some royal pageantry.%0D %0D Next photo shows Anne and Charles giving their father a strange look while Harry, behind them, looks to be holding back a giggle.%0D %0D Next photo has Harry nearly falling down laughing, Anne starting to laugh and Charles attempting to look stately while bemused. The Queen has her eyes shut and an expression that says, "OMG, I can't believe this is happening." Prince Philip pretends to be unaware of the kerfluffle around him.%0D %0D All the expressions are priceless.

When she was last reborn, Anivia witnessed the rise of a mighty and united human tribe . She guarded their lands with pride as they prospered, but such unity could not last forever. The great tribe fractured into three, and after that upheaval, Anivia watched the people of the Freljord become embroiled in battle. As she strove to calm the turmoil tearing her home apart, Anivia began to sense a greater threat: an evil  presence turning the pure magic of the ice blackened and corrupt. Anivia knew if such evil took root in her home, that same darkness would find its way into her heart. The cryophoenix had to act. Anivia soon found an ally in Ashe who she offered her aid.

Diana lol pro jungle

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