Dianabol methandienone side effects

Methandienone can only be processed by the liver in small quantities. The liver is only capable of deactivating small portions of the drug at a time. When large quantities of Methandienone enter into the bloodstream, especially for prolonged periods of time, the result can be possible damage to the liver, which in turn can lead to significant dysfunction in certain rare cases. In order to guard against this, it is highly recommended that users pay regular visits to check up with their physicians in order to maintain close monitoring of the liver functioning and activity. Studies have consistently reported, however, that modest portions of the drug, such as around 10mg a day or so, have only minimal effects on liver function.

Hey Buck, nice to meet you.
Here is a good cycle layout:
– Week 1 to 12: Testosterone enanthate @ 250 mg every days (500mg/week total)
– Week 1 to 12: HCG @ 250 iu every days (500 iu/week total)
– Week 1 to 14: Arimidex @ every other day (From day 2 up until PCT starts)
After your last testosterone injection, you’ll need to wait 14 days to start PCT. This
allows just enough time for the enanthate ester to clear your system so that you can start
therapy. Remember to continue taking your AI during those 2 weeks. You can also
choose to use Aromasin, the recommended dose is 25mg daily.
Post Cycle Therapy should consist of both Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) and Clomiphene
(Clomid). The combination is important as they work in synergy to help you recover.
Running only one of them will hinder your chance of recovery some. Your PCT protocol
for this cycle should look like the following:
Clomid @ 75/50/50/50 & Nolvadex @ 40/20/20/20

Dianabol methandienone side effects

dianabol methandienone side effects


dianabol methandienone side effectsdianabol methandienone side effectsdianabol methandienone side effectsdianabol methandienone side effectsdianabol methandienone side effects