Ear mastoids

Dear Mr Sharmaji
Sir , I am 59 years old male person working . I had been to USA and returned 10 days back . Suddenly in US right ear got closed/ blocked and i was not able to hear . I tried several age old practice for removal of trapped water / air /wax .No improvement . After lot of discussion and internet browsing , i found it may be middle ear infections (ASOM/OME ) with blocking of Eustachian tube and have no fever / pain. Upon my arrival in Bangalore , i saw ENT and diagnosed as Otitis media effusion with ringing sound..Even after ten days of treatment fluid / perforation in the middle ear has not reduced Not only hearing has reduced to 75% , but still ear is heavy and feels that fluids has got trapped . Understand Homeopathy has well suited remedy for above problems and effective cure at short time . Please suggest me the tablets and course duration to cure this problem at the earliest . I was under medication for suspected allergy of cold, nose block and advise immdly.

Facial nerve paralysis can be acute or delayed.
In acute posttraumatic paralysis a fracture line through the facial nerve canal - usually in the tympanic part - can be observed, sometimes with a bony fragment impinging on the canal.
In delayed facial paralysis the nerve is probably edematous and fracture lines can be absent.
On the other hand, a fracture line may be seen to cross the facial nerve canal without any associated nerve dysfunction.

Several normal structures may be mistaken for fractures:

Ear mastoids

ear mastoids


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