Hi tech pharmaceuticals dianabol

DMAA is found in the geranium plant, and has been the subject of at least a dozen peer-reviewed scientific studies (making it one of the most studied botanical products in the US).

  • The FDA has engaged in a campaign of intimidation against supplement companies such as themselves.
  • The FDA has declined to engage in the rulemaking process necessary to formally ban DMAA,with no public discussion or comment.
  • It is the FDA’s job to implement and enforce DSHEA in compliance with federal law:
    • They explain DSHEA further, discussing the definitions of “adulterated”
    • There is much discussion over the burden of proof regarding safety and efficacy. Hi-Tech states that “before commencing an action, the FDA must provide the responding party ‘appropriate notice and opportunity to present views” regarding the matter’.
  • The lawsuit then discusses the FDA’s campaign against the industry, giving a history similar to ours shown above, and also mentioning that Hi-Tech was never a recipient of a warning letter .
  • Hi-Tech then discusses the damages done to them by the FDA’s actions.
  • Hi-Tech repeatedly states that,
    • “Unless and until there has been a proper rule making procedure pursuant to DSHEA, Hi-Tech may continue to market and manufacture DMAA containing products.”
    • “Unless and until there has been a proper rule making procedure pursuant to DSHEA, Defendants may not detain DMAA containing products marketed or manufactured by Hi-Tech.”
  • Hi-Tech then makes their requests, such as having their DMAA detention order set aside, they want the FDA’s actions declared as unlawful, they request injunctive relief, and they want attorney’s fees.
  • At that point, Hi-Tech went to work creating more DMAA supplements, including HydroxyElite (which is nearly an OxyELITE Pro clone, with an added ingredient) as well as Jack’d Up (a product similar to the original Jack3d with DMAA).

    We are an enormously successful company that creates, manufactures and sells high-quality herbal products sold by the large, major retailers across the United States. These retailers include: GNC, Rite Aid, Kroger, Albertson's, CVS, Duane Reade, Hannaford, Cardinal Health, Harmon Stores, Fred Meyer, Osco Drugs, Supervalu, Roundy's, Walgreens, Sav-On Drugs, Meijer, Fruth Pharmacy, Kinney Drug, Kinray, USA Drugs, A&P, Kmart, , , , , over 5,000 health food retailers and adult novelty stores, as well as in more than 80,000 convenience stores throughout the United States.

    OK, so I too have been searching for something since they took Oxyelite Pro off the shelves. I used it to loose weight. Lost 25 pounds in the three months I took them. So now I found this an have only been taking it for 4 days. A coworker of mine as well. We have both been experiencing something different with this version though... Blue balls from HELL! I thought it might just be me but I pulled him aside and asked him if he was experiencing anything like that and you could see some relief in his eyes because he thought something was wrong too. I started out with 1 in the morn and 1 at lunch for the first three days. I would notice the pain a little in the evenings mostly. Today I took 2 this morn and plan on the third at lunch. I am hurting super bad!!! I looked up the side effects and found a site that lists the ingredients and their known side effects. Two of them are used to assist in sexual performance... I do not need help in that department. I am horny enough so this stuff is just killing my nuts now. Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but here's a warning to anyone else that wants to take this pill. I don't know how this effects women but I am curious. Also, I hope there is not long-term damage or something I should worry about...??? (Posted on 7/27/2017)

    Hi tech pharmaceuticals dianabol

    hi tech pharmaceuticals dianabol


    hi tech pharmaceuticals dianabolhi tech pharmaceuticals dianabolhi tech pharmaceuticals dianabolhi tech pharmaceuticals dianabolhi tech pharmaceuticals dianabol