How to use proviron in pct

during your cycle of course. it decreases SBHG level and respectively, raises the level of free = bio-available testosterone, which means higher cycle efficiency.
Some athletes think that proviron helps with recovering endogenous testosterone and shall be a part of PCT. in many stores you find it in the PCT section. This is an fallacious conclusion. Proviron is a steroid, a derivative of dehydrotestosterone. By its chemical structure it`s closer to our native DHT as any other DHT-derivated steroid like anavar, masteron, winstrol, etc.
While having steroidal structure there is no way proviron can help with recovery. It only replaces lack of testosteron, thus, a person feels better, more energy, higher libido, etc. In fact proviron as any other steroid shut downs production of endogenous testosterone due to the so called negative feedback loop. Once you stop using it your body will have no more replacement and you start feeling worse again.
So, once again, proviron as well as HCG, by the way, only delays your recovery. It shall not be taken after cycle. Only SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) like clomiphene citrate, toremifene citrane, tamoxifen will be usefull in rocovering your endogenous testosterone after cycle.

Men suffering from prostate cancer should not take Proviron as it can further enlarge or aggravate this gland. According to , steroids, even when taken for medical purposes, can elevate liver levels and cause changes to blood serum cholesterol, which can lead to arteriosclerosis, hypertension, stroke and congestive heart failure. Also, Bayer indicates that women should not take Proviron, as it can enhance masculine characteristics in both sexes, including excess facial and hair growth, acne, oily skin, deepened voice and male-pattern baldness.

How to use proviron in pct

how to use proviron in pct


how to use proviron in pcthow to use proviron in pcthow to use proviron in pcthow to use proviron in pcthow to use proviron in pct