Lean hog cycle

Yep, if it weren’t for the Fed printing Monopoly money, we’d probably have gone through the down turn, and maybe be on our way out once we get rid of the Obama drag on the economy. Instead, the Fed actions will make it exponentially worse. Did you see the stat that gov’t regulations cost the US $ TRILLION annually. To put that in perspective, the GDP of Canada is $ trillion. The gov’t has thrown sand, pebbles, tar and the kitchen sink into the economic engine of the country, and Obamacare regs haven’t even begun to be rolled out yet. Oh it’s going to bad, and I mean REALLY bad. Four more doctors I know of in their 40’s left the medical field last month.

We are supposed to go back to a normal report schedule this week, but that assumes the government is open for business. USDA has some reports that will not be issued if the funding resolution fails to pass the Senate. See 2013 for reference.  If the money still flows, we can expect USDA weekly export inspections on Monday, with EIA ethanol production on Wednesday and USDA weekly Export Sales on Thursday. The Cold Storage report is scheduled for Tuesday, with USDA Cattle on Feed due on the 26 th .  The January feeder cattle expire on Thursday, although settlement may be affected by the quality of data CME has available to compute the CME Feeder Index from USDA components.  Friday will also mark the expiration of February serial grain options.

Lean hog cycle

lean hog cycle


lean hog cyclelean hog cyclelean hog cyclelean hog cyclelean hog cycle