Lol diana jungle route

i run a 20|1|9 build on lee:

7 armour pen marks
2 flat ad marks
3 ad quins
9 flat armour seals
then 9 falt cdr or 9 flat magic resistance glyphs

if you start with 5 heal pots and cloth armour lee doesnt need leashes and can start anywhere on the map

for me i go
redbuff -> wraiths -> large golem
{leaving 1 creep alive per camp if they have a jungler}
then clear my side of the map, in which ever order i choose.

Lee can start wiht Q or E
i start with Q:

Q allows for heavier damage and acts as a mini smite, allows jumping over walls for faster path times
can also snipe steal with Q

E: activating tempest/cripple rests lee sins attack speed clock -> slightly faster damage

my order is:
QEWQQR - more aggressive ganks
QEWWQR { longer survivablity}

lee doesnt need wiggles lantern to jungle, the bonus wards make it worth while, along with the tricks lee can do with wards.

there is around 4 viable ways to itemize lee at the jungle start and be effective:
each has a diffrent set of paths they can jungle on:

each strating item path can build into lee's core dependign on how you run lee.

Stacking dorans blades {2 @ max}
vampire sceptor
5 heal pot & cloth armour
long sword + heal pots

{its just easie to list out builds on here, not a full guide but shows diffrent set ups that you can jungle with}

So, what do you think would happen had this been an actual example? Do you think she would get the same defense? Occurrence and agreement even? The occasional “Yeah, nobody wants a chubby fat guy, they’re horrible to look at” type comment?
Probably not, she would probably get multitudes of men saying how unconventional and rude she was, or even that she was a slut who may never find this type of man because of her bitchy personality.
However, the point here wasn’t to point out the all too obvious double standard that will probably start it’s own thread of arguments, and that’s fine. I’m not here to argue, I Probably won’t even come back to see what remarks have been made in regards to my lengthy spiel.
I am just here to say that, for future reference, wording is everything.
Essentially, you are going to like what you like and that’s perfectly fine,despite how insensitive it may seem.
It’s just sad to me to see that because of this, it’s going to be hard for him to find someone nice, because he’s only an external lover, seemingly.
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This is our biggest problem already though, is it not? The beauty standard held to both males AND females? Clearly a little stronger on the woman front.
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Regarding abandoning the KLR with the slipping clutch:

Two "MacGyver" approaches, NEXT TIME:

1) Shim clutch spring bolts with washers, increasing spring pressure, consequently increasing friction force of clutch disks.

2) Since you had three other KLR650s in the pack, exchange a fiber disk from each of the functioning clutches with a worn disk from the disabled bike. While the three donor bikes would experience compromised clutch friction somewhat, they'd probably still lock up; the three "good" disks implanted in the disable bike would likely restore its rideability.

Regardless, congratulations on a profound adventure!

Lol diana jungle route

lol diana jungle route


lol diana jungle routelol diana jungle route