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Drs pussh No suppliments of al kinds are not likely knowledgable about MCAS as most supplements are rarely pure. They are not regulated or inspected for contents, fillers,
Excipients, or strength of dosage. many brands of turmeric, or other herbals, and even vitamins were found to contain corn meal(GMO type). sawdust type fibers, and other crazy blends. Especially those with contempt s ladled ‘proprietary ‘
Meaning non disclosure of contents, strength or ratio of ingrediants . Thus they can cause flares, imbalances and reaction in a majority of MC patients.

My 12 year old has POTS (dysautonomia) and MCAD. He is very gifted, and lately, when he studies for long periods of time, writes a research paper, or takes tests, he becomes sick afterwards. His lung capacity is at about 70% overall, but he can’t tolerate Xopenex or most steroids. We’re trying Intal soon. I’m wondering if he isn’t low on oxygen when using brain power, but normally he is at 97-98%. If anyone has any advice or comments, please send them my way. Alec is on H1, H2 blockers, Gastrocrom, Midodrine (vasoconstrictor for POTS). He is getting headaches and episodes a few times a week, now. Will oxygen help? Any other suggestions?

Treatment of intermediate MCTs with only regional node involvement have a better outcome than high grade ones. But vets believe that till proper investigations are carried out, treatment of the intermediate grade tumors should be attached highest priority. These lesions are treated with local surgery or radiotherapy only if thorough staging fails to reveal dissemination. The outcome is not very gratifying due to distant and regional metastasis. Since the prognosis is guarded for high grade tumors, a less expensive, coarse fraction radiation therapy protocol can be considered. For several years the use of prednisone has been found to be highly beneficial.

Mast e cycle

mast e cycle


mast e cyclemast e cyclemast e cyclemast e cyclemast e cycle