Mast electrical service

In high wind areas keep the mast pipe as close (low) to the last mast support as possible. Keeping the mast pipe to within a few feet of the top of the mount is best especially if a larger antenna is in use. If you will be installing a rotor keep the mast pipe between the rotor and the antenna as short as possible. This will reduce the stress on the pivoting portion of he rotor. If a rotor will not be used mount the antenna within 5 feet of the mount for larger directional antennas and up to 10 feet when installing smaller antennas such as the EZ - HD , MS 2000, miniMAX etc.

Service Mast Installation
1. Install a listed wet location service head or goose neck on top of the service mast.
2. Install the service mast so that any condensation or water that enters can drain out before it gets to the service equipment or panelboard.
3. Form drip loops on each service wire.
4. Locate the service head or goose neck above the service wire attachment point. You may locate the service wire attachment point above the service head or goose neck if it is not more than (≤) 24 inches from the service head or goose neck and if it is not possible to locate the attachment point below the goose neck or service head.
5. Run each service entrance wire through a separate bushed opening in the service head or goose neck.

Where the service drop or service lateral ends, there is a splice, sometimes called the service point. This means two wires are joined together. In a service drop, this will be at the drip loop. The drip loop is a U-shaped bend in the wires that allows water to drip off so it won't go into the service entrance. Typically, it is part of the service entrance and is the responsibility of the homeowner. The loop is not part of the service drop. The drip loop also shows that the wires are properly secured to the building and are relaxed. It is at the top of the masthead (also called service cap, entrance cap, pothead, weatherhead or servicehead). The wires running from this connection down into the service box are called the service entrance. The wires may be in a conduit or just may be a cable. They may be above the roof or below it, attached to the house wall.

Mast electrical service

mast electrical service


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