Mast program

Because the Polish longwave transmitters are of special importance to Polish people abroad, as early as April 1992 the Polish government planned to rebuild the mast at Konstantynów. In September 1995 the Polish government was set to rebuild the mast. Although refurbishment of the old foundations, which could be reused, had already started, the rebuilding of the mast was cancelled due to protests by local residents, who claimed that radiation from the mast was a health hazard. While the accuracy of these claims has not been verified, a new site for the transmitter was sought. Several other locations were considered, but due to the continuing resistance of nearby inhabitants (backed by the Solidarity trade union ), planned mast height and transmitter range were both greatly reduced, and an old military site just southeast of Solec Kujawski was chosen. There, a new longwave transmission facility was built in 1998–1999, with a transmitter of 1200 kW output power for the frequency AM-LW (long wave) 225 kHz. This facility, which was inaugurated on 4 September 1999, uses one 330 metre (1083 ft) and one 289 metre (948 ft) grounded top-fed masts as aerials .

Lab tests can be done to check for mast cell mediators. Tryptase is one of the most common mediators released by mast cells in those with mastocytosis (abnormal numbers of mast cells), but not for those with MCAS (abnormal release of proinflammatory mediators by mast cells, but not an increased number, as in the much rarer mastocytosis). Lab tests can also check for other mediators, such as histamine and prostaglandins; however, most doctors and many labs, particularly those in Canada, will not run the tests that are required to make the diagnosis.

Washington Onsite Classes : Starting in 2007, we have been using “team learning” in our classrooms. It is a technique used by Baylor College of Medicine, Oklahoma State University, Wright State University, and the University of British Columbia. We use this teaching method to ensure that our students master the course material and develop ability to use the course concepts in thinking and problem solving. Also, this program develops people skills that are needed to succeed in this business as well as responsible marketing techniques for owners. Having students enjoy the course through the challenging and fun way that this active learning technique allows, is another wonderful benefit. These Washington certified courses can be scheduled for private, in-house convenience for your establishment.

Mast program

mast program


mast programmast programmast programmast programmast program