Mast urgencia e emergencia

I woke up a week ago Sunday to my baby girl Hailee Mary (black dob) having a seizure in bed next to me. At the time it was happening I thought she was having a heart attack. When she started coming out of it I quickly called the vet and got her into emergency. She stayed over night for monitoring/observation and suffered one more short seizure later that morning. Was told I could pick her up and bring her home with seizure meds but the diagnosis was most likely a brain tumor. Picked her up Monday morning only to see her not be able to walk (knuckling) and blind. Rushed to my vet where after a few hours I made the decision to lay her to rest. I loved her with all my heart and soul, she was my best friend. Miss her like no other and appreciate all the stories I read out here, that others feel the same way about their babies. Hailee would have been 11 in March of 2017.

First of all, it’s always been Bearenstain, not stein. I remember being a kid and figuring out that I was wrong about it being stein. I think every kid at first thinks its stein for a w hile, and if you don’t eventually figure out that it’s actually stain as a kid then you will probably end up being a weird adult who insists it used to be stein. But what gets me is the collective ignorance surrounding definitions of certain words. The most widely misused is the word ‘moot’. Besides the fact that some people think it’s ‘mute’, the people who refer to ‘moot points’ are referring to points that are no longer relevant because the subject has either already been decided or no longer matters due to other factors. But the actual definition of the word ‘moot’ is exactly the opposite. Moot actually means, “subject to debate, dispute, or uncertainty, and typically not admitting of a final decision.” So a moot point is a point that hasn’t been decided yet, but everyone uses it to mean a point that has been decided. Isn’t that weird? And there are others, like the word ‘peruse’. Most people think that if you’re ‘perusing’ a document it means you’re skimming over it, but ‘peruse’ actually means a thorough reading of a document, rather than a casual one.

Mast urgencia e emergencia

mast urgencia e emergencia


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