Masten towers

Although publicly, DCNR maintains through this fact sheet that the controversy surrounds aspects of "access" for natural gas development in the Forest, the more pressing issue appears to be one of underlying ownership. [5] While the 1989 Commonwealth Court decision determined who amongst two competing parties (DNCR and Clarence Moore) had stronger title to access these subsurface properties, it neglected to investigate the ownership source of either claim. The heirs of Thomas Emerson Proctor claim to have created the separate oil, gas and mineral rights estate under these lands and maintained those interests through various trusts continuously for over a century. They have made their recorded claims known to DCNR on at least one occasion. [6] The Thomas E. Proctor Heirs Trust argues that these properties were not subject to the legal theory known as "title washing". Even so, this irreconcilable concept [7] appears likely to be addressed in a general sense by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in the near future. Title Washing Dispute

The KVLY-TV mast (formerly the KTHI-TV mast ) is a 2,063-foot-tall (629 m) television -transmitting mast in Blanchard , Traill County , North Dakota , United States , used by Fargo station KVLY-TV channel 11. Completed during 1963, it was the tallest structure in the world until succeeded by the Warsaw radio mast during 1974, which collapsed in 1991, again making the KVLY-TV mast the tallest structure in the world until the Burj Khalifa exceeded it in 2008. It remains the fourth-tallest structure in the world (since the construction of the Tokyo Skytree and the Shanghai Tower ), the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere , and the tallest radio mast in the world.

Masten towers

masten towers


masten towersmasten towersmasten towersmasten towersmasten towers