Masteron prop homebrew

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Cortes wrote:
I have been injecting 3mls into a single injection site daily for a few months now. However, this is certainly not something I would recommend to anyone who has not been doing this for years. I inject this volume into delts, too, but I have worked up to it over a long time, and I happen to have fairly large shoulders, which also helps. When I used to inject just 2mls into delts, I felt some pretty ugly pain sometimes immediately after and for the rest of the days (different than typical next-day post injection pain). I noticed Brook (I think) mentioned this the other day as perhaps an indication of fascial stretching, and I have to say that explanation makes sense to me. Anyway now I put 3mls into delts twice a week with zero pain (nor any post-injection pain, either...gotta love properly homebrewed gear I don't have any problems with VG or glute at this volume at all, but I cannot abide prop in my quads, unfortunately, at pretty well any volume.

Masteron prop homebrew

masteron prop homebrew


masteron prop homebrewmasteron prop homebrewmasteron prop homebrewmasteron prop homebrewmasteron prop homebrew