Nuts and bolts

. transports the characters to his headquarters in Showdown Town and starts the contest. The prize is ownership of Spiral Mountain, while the loser must endure eternal hardship at .'s video game factory. As Banjo and Kazooie seek to win by completing the challenges, Gruntilda uses her powers and abilities to try to stop the duo, with a cat named Piddles and an army of robots assisting her. The game ends with Gruntilda and Banjo participating in a final duel in Spiral Mountain. Banjo and Kazooie destroy all of Gruntilda's vehicles and prepare to fight back as she gets back up, but . declares Banjo the winner. After . sends Gruntilda off to work at his video game factory, he rewards Banjo and Kazooie by giving them the deeds to Spiral Mountain and restoring their moves, while Banjo's friends reveal that they have rebuilt his house after its destruction in Banjo-Tooie . Meanwhile, Gruntilda declares that bringing her to the factory was a mistake and vows that she will make her own video game.

This video explains how to fill out the Correspondence Information page of the USPTO's federal trademark registration application. The information applies to TEAS Plus, TEAS RF, and TEAS Regular applications. [run time: 1:42]

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TEAS Nuts and Bolts: Correspondence Information
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Nuts and bolts

nuts and bolts


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