Primo water test

With the fabric shortage still in place [45] and in an endeavour to resurrect swimwear sales, two French designers – Jacques Heim and Louis Réard  – almost simultaneously launched their new two-piece swimsuit ranges in 1946. [46] Heim launched his two-piece swimsuit in Paris which he called the atome , after the smallest known particle of matter. [47] He advertised the Atome as the world's "smallest bathing suit". At about the same time, Louis Réard created a competing two-piece swimsuit design, which he called the bikini . [48]

i) the ten-year warranty,
ii) the built-in Wi-Fi and the swish “” platform,
iii) the ground-breaking MPPT efficiency,
iv) the Fronius smart meter  explained more in this post
v) the integrated DC isolator for a neater, more cost effective install. Throw in a Fronius smart meter and consumption can also be monitored and with a little extra work, the inverter will be able to tell appliances such as your hot water system and pool when to operate, thereby reducing both unnecessary grid consumption and feed-in. Given the current cost of batteries, this power diversion capability should not be downplayed.

Primo water test

primo water test


primo water testprimo water testprimo water testprimo water testprimo water test