Proviron zydex

I've made 5 orders with 101, now I've had my bloods back I can leave a review.
Using the Pharmacom Test cyp at 400mg per week I'm at 87 nmol/L testosterone, estrogen is in range using the pharma grade arimidex.
All their pharma grade stuff seems to be legit, some of the dates are perhaps a little short but in the real world this doesn't matter.
Order processing and postage is very very quick, I've never waited more than a week. One order literally turned up within 2 days of ordering.
I have no need to shop anywhere else as each experience I had has been positive.

I ordered In july And the only product I have used is the Hcg. I was informed by my wife that my balls were really small. I have been on test for a long time and guess the shrinkage was slow, and gradual so I never noticed until she said something. I ordered the hcg knowing it was almost inevitable that long term exogenous testosterone usage would lead to testicular atrophy. I just started pinning yesterday, However, I did use a high end pregnancy test and the product is indeed hcg. I used 250iu's on the test and although the instructions said it could take up to 3 minutes to begin to see results, I showed positive in less than a minute and it was a Dark Plus sign.

Proviron zydex

proviron zydex


proviron zydexproviron zydex