Que es proviron mesterolone

Testosterone undecanoate
The Testosterone undecanoate is a fatty acid ester of the natural androgen testosterone in the body transforms mostly into dihydrotestosterone. It can be administered orally or by injection. It is used to treat testosterone deficiency in adults, but is used for both clinical purposes as improving athletic performance, is not one of the most effective in this task anabolic.
Because testosterone is ineffective taken orally because it is reabsorbed and is cleared by the liver, testosterone undecanoate content in tablets, is reabsorbed in the intestine through the lymphatic system, bypassing the liver and getting fill effect.
Being a very lightly flavored substance does not cause water retention as much as the rest of testosterone, so its use is often focus on periods prior to a competition. Neither can be expected to own hormone production is affected unless large doses are used for very long periods of time.
However, do not expect to use big gains in mass and size as usual in other testosterones.

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Proviron – Lost quantity :
If you lose a dose of this medication and your measuring plan is:
One dosing a day — Administrate the neglected Proviron dosage immediately. However, in case you do not remember the dose until the following day, leave the failed measure and return to your normal programmed dosage. It’s prohibited to double doses.
More than one doses in a day— Use the unusedof mesterolone dosage as soon as possible. However, if it is almost hour for your following dosing, neglect the forgotten dosing and go back to your usual programmed measure. Do not double dosage.
If you have any questions about this, ask with your medic.

Que es proviron mesterolone

que es proviron mesterolone


que es proviron mesteroloneque es proviron mesteroloneque es proviron mesteroloneque es proviron mesteroloneque es proviron mesterolone