Tmobile reviews

T-Mobile’s customer service team keeps getting better. After struggling for many years to wipe away a terrible reputation, the company’s rebranding into the Uncarrier has coincided with a hefty overhaul of its customer service team and values. Questions are answered quickly, and concerns are dealt with and accelerated up the service chain with prompt attention. The company has also recently started rewarding its customers with T-Mobile Tuesdays, an appreciation program that lets users take advantage of free pizza, tacos and other extras from a bunch of retailers across the country.

I have been with T-Mobile for 7 years now. I was scouting the iPhone as a bargaining chip to get a better phone through T-Mobile. I woulda had to pay $300 deposit because of my credit score being an atrocious 702. then to get the iPhone with everything I got on T-Mo, it woulda cost me $150 a month. And T-Mobile worked out a deal to get me a better plan. I am from Philly but traveled to Penn State which is on a mountain. Austin, Chicago, Nashville, DC, Virginia, NYC, etc. And my coverage was full bars the majority maybe one less. Christ Verizon woulda gave me a phone over AT&T and they are the best carrier in the country

Tmobile reviews

t mobile reviews


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