Test e mast e cutting cycle

Thanks Danae,
You are really lucky with Moringa it did not agree with me at all. No probiotics agreed with me except Longum – I suspect I have SIBO as well and maybe that’s why Longum is ok as it affects the lower bowel. I know Mangosteen is ok for me as a dried fruit at least so worth checking out the therapeutic dose. I know I need copper and I react to zinc – so that also puts me in the minority. And I’ve started taking progesterone again but I have to mix it with Magnesium oil or it goes straight to adrenaline and gives me a burning crown along with insomnia. I know my case is too bizarre for this forum and no practitioner has been able to sort it out so far here in Australia, but I really believe it has to do with the pesticide exposure that has changed my digestion, hormones and neurotransmitters. In the meantime I’ll keep eating potatoes for my B6!!!

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Test e mast e cutting cycle

test e mast e cutting cycle


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