Test msi primo 81

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Volume 23, Number 5


Regulation of  lncRNA and Its Role in Cancer Metastasis 205
Juan Li, Hui  Meng , Yun Bai, and Kai Wang

Original Contributions

Thermal Radiofrequency Ablation as an Adjuvant Therapy for Patients With Colorectal Liver Metastasis 219
Yaohua Fan,  Xiyan Zhu,  Qiuping Lan, Fang Lou, Yu Zheng,  Haizhou Lou, Yong Fang, Wei  Jin ,  Hongming Pan, and Kaifeng Wang

Plasmid-Based Stat3 siRNA Delivered by Functional Graphene Oxide Suppresses Mouse Malignant Melanoma Cell Growth 229
Di Yin, Yang Li,  Baofeng Guo ,  Zhewen Liu, Yang Xu,  Xiaoqin Wang,  Yanwei Du,  Libo Xu, Yan  Meng ,  Xuejian Zhao, and Ling Zhang

Raltitrexed Inhibits HepG2 Cell Proliferation via G 0 /G 1 Cell Cycle Arrest 237
Hongwei Zhao,  Yubao Zhang,  Jianmin Sun, Chao Zhan, and Liang Zhao

IL-17A Promotes the Migration and Invasiveness of Colorectal Cancer Cells Through NF- κB -Mediated MMP Expression 249
Hongtao Ren,  Zhongwei Wang,  Shuqun Zhang,  Hongbing Ma,  Yali Wang,  Lijun Jia , and  Yiming Li

MicroRNA-20b Downregulates HIF-1α and Inhibits the Proliferation and Invasion of Osteosarcoma Cells 257
Ming Liu, Dan Wang, and Ning Li

Test msi primo 81

test msi primo 81


test msi primo 81test msi primo 81test msi primo 81test msi primo 81test msi primo 81