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Despite the general prohibition of State aid, in some circumstances government interventions is necessary for a well-functioning and equitable economy. Therefore, the Treaty leaves room for a number of policy objectives for which State aid can be considered compatible . The legislation stipulates these exemptions . The l aws are regularly reviewed to improve their efficiency and to respond to the European Councils' calls for less but better targeted State aid to boost the European economy. The Commission adopts new legislation is adopted in close cooperation with the Member States.

Following the vote to expand gTLDs, many trade associations and large companies, led by the Association of National Advertisers , formed the Coalition for Responsible Internet Domain Oversight . The coalition opposes the expansion of gTLDs, citing "its deeply flawed justification, excessive cost and harm to brand owners." [40] In a statement to the US Congress on December 9, 2011, National Restaurant Association vice president Scott DeFife stated, "Even beyond the financial toll the gTLD program will exact on millions of . businesses, the Association believes that ICANN’s program will confuse consumers by spreading Internet searches across hundreds or even thousands of new top-level domains." [41]

Test primo livello sommelier

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