Test primo viaggio sl

• Belted Base: complies with the current EU regulation ECE R44/04, for children from birth to 13 kg (0-12/14 months). The Belted Base is fixed in the car with the seat belt and remains there, ready for you to attach the Primo Viaggio SL car seat onto it - no unsafe or incorrect installation. The anti-rebound bar protects the child in case of rear-end collision. Belted Bases can be fixed on your car, granny's car, the baby sitter's car... and the same car seat can be used on all of them.
• Isofix Base 0+1 K : it is fastened in place using the car's Isofix hooks without the use of a seatbelt and it can be left there, ready for you to attach the car seat with a simple click. Ideal for people who don't want to worry about positioning the car seat incorrectly. The base can be used for Primo Viaggio Duo-Fix K Peg Perego, the seat for larger children, ensuring safety from birth to the age of 4.
• Car Seat Clima Cover : washable lining made of Tencel, a natural fibre that regulates body humidity (warm in the winter and cool in the summer).
• Travel Bag Car Seat : practical sack for the car seat, so it is protected and stays clean (the base fits in as well).
• Primo Viaggio SL Igloo Cover: the Primo Viaggio SL Car Seat cover.
• Primo Viaggio SL Raincover: the Primo Viaggio SL Car Seat raincover.

EN_English primo viaggio primo viaggio primo viaggio tri-fix tri-fix tri-fix adjustable isofix base base • “Universal” category. • “Universal” category. • “Semi-Universal” category class E. • The "Primo Viaggio tri-fix" car • The "Adjustable Base" is installed in • The "Isofix Base" with Isofix fixing safety seat is attached to the car the car using the three-point seat system is installed in the car using a three-point seat belt.

Test primo viaggio sl

test primo viaggio sl


test primo viaggio sltest primo viaggio sltest primo viaggio sltest primo viaggio sltest primo viaggio sl