What does calcium propionate mean

Confusing. This doctor says not to change anything, but yet the news reporter says American doctors advise not to take these calcium supplements. American doctors are the ones who pushed these calcium supplements in the first place. ER visits for women did increase for heart attack. Then, finally, she says, if you have questions, ask your doctor. It’s the blind leading the blind, unfortunately. It’s a lot of opinion and suggesting to ask individual doctors whose theory on this may all be different from one another. That doesn’t give people encouragement at all. Initially the reporter says we may have to choose between bone health or risking heart attack. However, she does not reference that if one takes adequate D3 and K2, this risk becomes negligible. I think this is very irresponsible reporting.

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What does calcium propionate mean

what does calcium propionate mean


what does calcium propionate meanwhat does calcium propionate meanwhat does calcium propionate meanwhat does calcium propionate meanwhat does calcium propionate mean