What supplements to take with dianabol

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Thanks for this great video and list! I already take a lot supplements – much to the chagrin of my husband – and had to cut back on some of them once I got pregnant! At 40 years old I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first! Very exciting 🙂
I have the regular Fermented Cod Liver Oil supplements – I take 3 a day (approximately 750 IU/mL of Vit A per cap) plus my Vitamin Code Prenatal has 5000 IU/mL.
I was considering moving to the FCLO & Butter Oil blended caps that Green Pastures has as I’m having major tooth sensitivity but am questioning it since you said you only take the Butter Oil a few times a week. I wasn’t sure if that’s because you also like the separate K2 pill and both would be too much?
Is it safe to take the FCLO/Butter blend if I didn’t do the additional Jarrow K2? Trying to reduce the number of bottles and purchases 😉

Studies like the one by Dandona and colleagues from USA (2010) have found that there may be a correlation between low testosterone levels in men and type 2 diabetes. Other studies like the one by Boyanov and colleagues from Bulgaria (2003) and by Lee and colleagues from China (2005) have found that testosterone supplementation may improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control if the diabetics have low testosterone levels. An analysis by Ginsburg and colleagues from USA found low incidence (%) of adverse effects of testosterone supplementation over long term. So it may be useful for you as a diabetic to take testosterone supplements if you know that you have low testosterone levels. However, testosterone is a hormone and should be taken carefully after consultation with your doctor.

What supplements to take with dianabol

what supplements to take with dianabol


what supplements to take with dianabolwhat supplements to take with dianabolwhat supplements to take with dianabolwhat supplements to take with dianabolwhat supplements to take with dianabol